Songkran(泰国泼水节)is the traditional Thai New Year


Songkran(泰国泼水节)is the traditional Thai New Year that starts on April 13 annually. It’s also callled the “Water Festival” because people believe that water will wash away bad luck and make people fresh. 
On the day, we spinkle洒small drops of water to bless monks and elders. Their hands are spinkled with perfumed(有香味的) water. In addition, this festival is for rain because it is the hottest season. 
Nowadays, during the Songkran Festival, people always wet down everybody who walks past their houses or walks down the streets with cups or buckets水桶 of water. Everyone gets wet, but it is all in a spirit of friendliness, blessing and fun. People who get wet actually do not get angry because they know that it is traditional.
People will go to the temples to bathe沐浴Buddha images佛像and give special food to the monks. People do good things such as fish or birds and other animals released释放from their cages. On this day, everywhere in Thailand, people celebrate and enjoy the festival, especiallly in the northern part of Thailand. 
We can see many foreigners join in the events and enjoyed this festival with Thais. Everybody also enjoys public events such as beauty contests, parades游行, and marching bands. 游行乐队
The Water Festival gives us freshness, happiness and fun because the weather is very hot. I hope everyone will travel to Thailand and enjoy this festival.
小题1:The traditional Thai New Year ________. celebrated at the beginning of each year.
B.comes three months before that of each countries. celebrated in a special way with its own activities. the same as in other parts of the world.
小题2:People sprinkle water during the Songkran Festival, because they______.
A.have nothing else to do
B.believe it will bring good luck
C.have too much water in their country
D.want to use water to fight with each other.
小题3:When Thai New Year comes, people think it ________ to make others wet through.
小题4:Besides sprinkling water, people also_______ in this festival.
A.invite honorable foreign guests to join in them
B.give freedom to some animals
C.attend rich feasts宴会 and have fun with others
D.bathe together to wash away bad luck