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Contents 6 Facts on Online Ludo Games 1. Ludo Originated in India 2. It Used To Be Known As Pachisi 3. Adapted and Played Throughout the World 4. The Online Ludo Dice Roll Is Completely Random 5. Online Ludo Is A Game Of Strategy, Not Luck 6. You Can Instantly Play Online Ludo On MPL In the age of smartphones, the craze for the game of Ludo has had a resurgence. Known as one of the best board games among young children, it has become clear that adults cannot get enough of it either. The popularity of online Ludo games has exploded in recent years. Millions of adults and youngsters enjoy playing ludo online. Amongst the youth, getting together with friends over a game of Ludo is becoming quite common. Others like the thrill of challenging random opponents online. No matter how you enjoy a game, we can all agree that we love to play Ludo online . The original Ludo game is believed to have originated in India. It is played in different parts of the world with slightly different rules and styles. As the online Ludo community grows more robust, we can finally unite and be part of something bigger. As much as we love the game, not many know the fascinating details about it. There are many interesting and unbelievable facts about online Ludo games we never knew before. Read on further about some incredible facts about Ludo. Ludo Originated in India Before Ludo became one of our childhood’s most popular indoor games and an eventual online gaming sensation, it was played by royalty and noblemen in India. Many early depictions and forms of the Ludo game have been found in India. These mentions and illustrations of the modern board game make it clear that Ludo originated in India. Today, millions of children and grownups have played the Ludo game at least once in their lifetime. 2. It Used To Be Known As Pachisi When Ludo was played in India, this board game was known as Pachisi. The game was very identical to the Ludo online board game played today. Pachisi has been derived f

A ludo adventure begins in another gaming concept. Get your tokens to the places where are in your tokens color in the map which is created inside of the rounded map and become the winner against your friends by filling the circles as first. You can play the game up to four players. You can play the game by "MOUSE", you can play the game by touch controls in touchable devices.

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Equipment A Ludo board is is square with a pattern on it in the shape of a cross, each arm being d

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