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Online baccarat in India has very few strategic moves. Unlike blackjack, where disciplined play can dramatically reduce the house edge, baccarat is more akin to roulette . It is essentially a game of luck with no real strategy. There are – however – a few golden baccarat rules that will improve your odds of winning. You can find them below. In baccarat, the only decision you need to take is where to place your bet. This is the key to optimising your time at the table. You must choose wisely. Baccarat already comes with a very low house edge. In fact, it’s one of the lowest of all casino games. However, the edge varies depending on the bet. If you choose to bet with the banker, the edge is around 1.06%. If you bet with the player, the house edge is about 1.24%. The bet to avoid at the baccarat table is the tie. This is where you are betting on both hands being equal. We classify this as a sucker bet. It may pay out at either 8:1 or 9:1, but the house edge is almost 15%. This means you can expect to lose $15 for every $100 gambled. If you bet the bank, you lose only $1.06 for the same $100 stake. Even online slots rarely have a house edge of over 12%. There is one final consideration. Betting the banker is the wise play, but it comes at a cost. You must pay a small commission to the house with every winning hand. This is normally about 5%. Some casinos waive this charge, but normally at a cost elsewhere.

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