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In Ludo, your goal is to get all four of your checker pieces around the board and back to your home color. In this version, you may play against 3 other computers, or a mix of computers and friends. Once the game begins, players take turns rolling their die. You must first roll a six to move a piece out of your starting box. When you have only one piece to move, your freed piece will move automatically. From here on out, every six you roll will allow you to either move a new piece onto the board, or move one already on the board. You'll also get a free roll after rolling a six. Once you have multiple pieces on the board, you may choose which piece to move after rolling the die. Your piece is safe once it lands in the center of the arrow. Land on an opponent's piece to knock it back to start and get another free roll. The starred and colored tiles are all safe spaces. Try to keep your pieces on them to avoid getting knocked back by your opponents! LUDO TIPS & TRICKS Choose wisely. After that first piece is moved out of your starting box, each six you roll will come with a choice: add another piece to the board, or move one of your current pieces forward. In general, it’s best to move your pieces onto the board. Freeing all your pieces will give you more choices when it is your turn to move. Keep your distance. The maximum amount of spaces any piece can move is six, unless that player rolls a six and gets another roll. Maintaining a distance of seven or more spaces between your piece and any opponents' pieces behind you can help you avoid getting knocked back to start. Keep your pieces safe. There are some spots on the board where your piece will be protected from being sent back home. If you have more than one piece on the board, try to keep at as many of them as possible on a colored or star space. This way one piece travels the board while the others are kept in reserve. If all of your pieces are currently safe, move pieces that don't have opposing pieces right beh

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Baccarat Mystery:

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Ludo Casino Game

Ludo Casino Game You may not have heard of the gaming family known as cross and circle games, but ch

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Casino online România – Top cazinouri recomandate în 2021 Jan 3, 2022 În era internetului s-ar părea

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Mini baccarat is played by the exact same rules of standard baccarat, with the exception that player


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VARClub168.com – ให้คุณเป็นคนสําคัญที่สุดสําหรับเรา

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