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If you read the right literature, like the famous book Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp, you’re probably aware that some players can count cards well enough to beat blackjack . Once players learn this they usually quickly learn that it’s somewhat difficult to be good at counting cards. And it’s even more difficult to get away with it at a level where you can turn a decent profit. Then many players start looking for other games where they might be able to count cards to get an edge. Blackjack is the most watched game in the casino. The casino owners and personnel know that card counters can hurt them, so they’re always watching for possible counting activity. The truth is that most card counters aren’t very good and don’t hurt the casino in the long run, but this doesn’t stop the casinos from trying to catch card counters and stop them from playing. Counting cards isn’t illegal, but the casinos are on private property and they don’t have to let you play. They can ask you to leave or bar you from placing bets at any time. In a few areas they aren’t technically allowed to bar card counters, but they can run you off in other ways. And even if they don’t run you off, they can make the game unbeatable, even for the best card counters. What does all of this have to do with baccarat? When potential card counters start looking around the casino for other games that may offer an advantage when counting they don’t come up with many options. The one game that looks like it’s possible is baccarat. As you learn in the next section why card counting works you’ll see why baccarat looks like a possibility. But in the section after that you’ll quickly see why counting baccarat is simply a waste of time. Why Card Counting Works A deck of card has 52 cards of which we know exactly which cards are included. If we take a single card out, say the ace of diamonds, we know exactly which 51 cards are left. If you take 50 cards out of the deck and you know which 50 are missing you know what

JR Cigar JR Auctions Blending Room Beat the Dealer 1 800 572 4427 | Help Desk Join the JR Insider Loyalty Program to earn points and exclusive rewards every time you shop! Advanced Filtering Options Welcome to JR Log In 1 800 572 4427 Log In 0 My Cart (0) Cigars Machine Made Samplers 5-Packs Humidors Cigar Accessories Pipes Gifts Deals Loyalty More All Cigars ▸ Handmade Cigars Machine Made Cigars Filtered Cigars Flavored Cigars Cuban Cigars Cigar of the Month Club Browse Cigars Cigar Deals New Cigars Cigar Samplers Closeout Cigars Cigar Reviews Top Cigar Brands JR Alternative Cigars Romeo y Julieta Cigars Montecristo Cigars Macanudo Cigars Arturo Fuente Cigars ACID Cigars Padron Cigars Punch Cigars La Gloria Cubana Cigars H. Upmann Cigars El Rey del Mundo Cigars Drew Estate Cigars Rocky Patel Cigars Cigars by Strength ▸ Mellow Bodied Cigars Mellow to Medium Bodied Cigars Medium Bodied Cigars Medium to Full Bodied Cigars Full Bodied Cigars Cigars by Packaging Cigar Singles Cigar 5-Packs Cigar 10-Packs Cigar Boxes Cigar Bundles Cigar Tins Cigars by Price Under $25 From $25-$50 From $50-$75 From $75-$100 From $100-$200 Over $200 $3 Cigars Vapes & E-Cigs ▸ Smokeless Pouches ▸ Dryft Nicotine Pouches Top Cigar Blunts ▸ Backwoods Cigars Black & Mild Cigars Phillies Cigars Swisher Sweets Cigars Dutch Masters Cigars Garcia y Vega Cigars Game Cigars Hav-A-Tampa Cigars Optimo Cigars Best Selling Cigarillos ▸ ACID Cigarillos Tiparillo Cigars Prince Albert Cigars Villiger Cigars Avanti Cigars King Edward Cigars Antonio y Cleopatra Cigars Blackstone Cigars Good Times Cigars Popular Filtered Cigars Captain Black Little Cigars Dreams Filtered Cigars Djarum Filtered Cigars Winchester Little Cigars Cheyenne Filtered Cigars Smokin' Joes Filtered Cigars Talon Filtered Cigars Seneca Filtered Cigars Virginia Heritage Filtered Cigars All Cigar Samplers ▸ Build Your Own Sampler ▸ Cigar Samplers by Price Samplers Under $25 Samplers From $25-$50 Samplers From$50-$75 Samplers From $75-$100 Sa

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