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This article first appeared in the Mar/Apr 2010 issue of World Gaming magazine. Baccarat is the hottest table game on the planet. People love gambling at this game; it has a very low house edge and you get to squeeze the cards and make the game even more exciting. It’s pretty easy to perfect a basic squeeze so here are a few tips that will have the beginner squeezing like a pro in no time. Squeezing the cards in baccarat makes the game one of the most exciting to play. The ability to squeeze the cards has been one of the major reasons the game has increased in popularity so much. The game is now not only the most common table game played in Macau but is undoubtedly the world’s most popular amongst high rollers. Squeezing the cards in baccarat doesn’t change the cards or have any impact over what cards come out of the shoe. The person squeezing the cards, to the uninitiated, might look like they are in control of the game. In reality they are only opening the cards for their selected bet (the banker or player) and they have no control over how many cards they draw. The person who has the biggest bet on the player and the banker has the right to squeeze the cards or nominate someone else to open the cards. Only one person, however, is ever allowed to touch the cards for the player and only one for the banker. Many things in this world revolve around following customs and traditions, especially in the gaming world, where perfecting a good squeeze will show your understanding of the game. The squeezer, who is commonly referred to as the ‘driver’, usually carries the hopes of the table on their back. Each bet, most players tend to bet on the same side (banker or player) as the table will come to a consensus on the prevailing pattern. However, this is not always the case as sometimes two different players will go head to head and try to out-squeeze each other. There are many different techniques and styles when it comes to squeezing and every experienced driver has their

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