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Teen Patti is a card game invented in India and is hugely popular throughout South Asia. It is an offshoot of the English game 'three card brag', and its name can be translated as 'three cards' since this is the number of cards usually dealt. Teen Patti, also known as 3 Patti game , is a very social game and has connections with Hindu celebrations such as Diwali. It is also a very versatile game with many variations to discover and enjoy. Not sure which one to play? Here are the most popular 15 Teen Patti variations to try with your family or friends. Teen Patti Variations common rules While Teen Patti comes in many forms, there is a general structure that most formats follow. For starters, the game uses a regular pack of 52 cards – minus jokers, and several people can play. Players are usually dealt three cards and the goal is to form the highest-ranking hand. Aces are high, twos are low, and you want to make three of a kind, flushes, sequences, colours, pairs, or high cards. Where the term 'joker' is used, it means a card that can substitute for another card. For example, if Kings are jokers, and you are holding K-Q-Q, you can make the hand Q-Q-Q. Variations in 3 Patti Within the simple set of rules outlined above, you will find many variantions of Teen Patti. Let's dive in and take a look at the excitingly diverse world. High-low Here, the game is flipped on its head, so the lowest value card becomes the highest, and the lowest becomes the highest. In other words, '2' is the best, while Ace is the weakest. Mufliss Similar to high-low, except the best hand becomes the worst, and the worst hand the best. So a hand of 2-4-8 beats a hand of three aces. Discard One Players are dealt four cards instead of the normal three. Then, each person chooses their best three cards and discards the fourth. This style can be mixed with other styles as well to spice up the action. King Little In this one, Kings become jokers, and so does the lowest card in your hand. For example, K

A game app to play a classic card game Teen Patti Gold is a popular Android game app to play the classic version of Indian poker . This application offers a refreshing take on the traditional card game, and lets you play with real players on the internet around the world. Moreover, the game is available in multiple Indian languages , including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. Compared to World Series of Poker and DH Texas Poker , Teen Patti download offers a version of the card game native to the Indian subcontinent. The game is played with three cards in hand and simplified rules. As such, even novice and amateur players can understand the game within a couple of minutes. Having said that, mastering the game does take patience and time. A card game variation native to the Indian subcontinent Teen Patti is a straightforward, fun, and quick card game , which lets you have fun with friends and family. Simply put, this game is a lighter version of poker. It allows you to play short rounds of Indian poker right on your smartphone. The game comes with good graphics, and the UI is easy to navigate. With a social design and simple rules , this Android game is an excellent application that brings uninterrupted entertainment and fun to your mobile phone. As mentioned earlier, Teen Patti comes with multiple language options , including English, Hindi, and Marathi. What about the graphics? Teen Patti is a simple application that primarily utilizes 2D graphics , and you can add a photo avatar . The game is easy to navigate and comes with peppy animations and sound effects. It also gives you the option to turn off sounds, notifications, and messages from other players. What are the rules? Teen Patti download features three game tables , which you can play on as per the game mode. The first one is the ‘ Normal ’ game mode, which comes with the simplest rules. You can also join the ‘ Joker ’ table, where you can be dealt a joker card. It lets you replace any card in your hand with a

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