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Honduras has been a tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing area for hundreds of years, but it was the Communist revolution in Cuba that really put Honduras on the map. In the 1960s, many Cuban cigar makers fled their homeland and arrived in Honduras to re-establish their way of life. The immigrants took advantage of the climate, soil, and geography, which were well-suited to tobacco growing, and began producing high quality cigars. The center of the Honduran cigar industry is the city of Danli and the nearby Jamastran Valley. The majority of the world’s pure Corojo tobacco is grown here, now that Cuba has stopped production of this iconic, spicy, and rich variety in favor of Corojo hybrids. Other important areas of Honduran cigar production include the Talanga Valley, Copan, and Trojes.

Ludo is very simple game that originated in India far back in 3300 BC. Ludo is easy to learn and is a classic game which is loved by people of various age groups. As the world is now moving fast with digitization which has brought revolutionizing changes. People now mostly prefer playing games online with remote players and also with the advent of smartphones users are more excited to get their favourite board games over applications that they can play as and when required. Ludo King app development capitalized on the same and currently has more than 100,000,000+ install on Google Play store & an equal number of downloads on the Apple Store.


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Ludo King

Ludo King adalah game papan yang sangat adiktif! Nikmati 4 mode permainan Ludo: mode komputer untuk

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Teen Patti

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Friends, Bollywood’s crime master Gogo i.e. Shakti Kapoor’s daughter Shraddha Kapoor stays away from

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Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero is based on the classic Ludo board game. This online version of Ludo was created by Market