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This is a side "story" that only takes place in Premium Adventure. As you are free to explore Kamurocho, you are also free to take Haruka around with you wherever you like. She's waiting in Serena for you, so speak to her to take her along. If you want to drop her off, return to Serena and tell her as such. As the two of you walk around, Haruka will come up with requests. Your task is to take her along with you to fulfill those requests. The requests basically come in one of two forms: either take Haruka to a store or restaurant where you can buy her something or take her to a minigame location where you'll have to perform a certain way in a minigame.If you succeed, your "trust" rank with Haruka will increase, and she'll give you presents for every rank you increase. If you fail a minigame challenge, you can leave and return and you can get another try at it. While going for this achievement try walking with her using or by slightly holding the left stick forward while she's holding your hand to go for the Hand in Hand achievement for holding her hand for 1km. I will leave a map of all locker key locations at the very bottom of this guide in case you need to know how to get a cheat item for some gambling mini-games.This is a list of all her request and how to get them Here are all the requests in the order you get them:Protective Amulet - Get one from Don Quijote (You must buy it for her even if you have one on you)Stamina Royale - Go to Kotobuki Drugs (You must buy it for her even if you have it one on you)Beef Bowl - Go to Akaushimaru on Taihei Boulevard right by the Millenium towerFruit Juice - Get Natchan Orange from the Poppo on Tenkaichi StreetDog Food - Go to the Poppo on Nakamichi AlleyOicho-kabu - Earn 300 points in Oicho-kabu at the gambling hall at the lottery stand right by the Millenium TowerRamen - Go to Kyushu No. 1 Star on Pink AlleyRoulette - Go to Rune Casino and win 1000 chips (Requires you to complete the price of an F cup sub-story or Yakuza App

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