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In the mid-19th century Baccarat discovered that the addition of nickel oxide in the manufacturing process created a perfectly clear product, free of discolouration, that imitated precious rock crystal. Baccarat glass was coined ‘crystal glass’, which is, says Forster, ‘highly regarded, not only for its unusual clarity but also for its great solidity and weight’. The term 'crystal’ can only be applied to glass which contains at least 24 per cent lead oxide. Baccarat chandeliers The major part of Baccarat’s production in the 19th century was dinner services, perfume bottles, paperweights and decorative objects. Chandeliers were among the most expensive works of art made by Baccarat — often produced for exhibition or commissioned by only the wealthiest clientele, such as the tsars of Russia, the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul and the Indian marharajas. Still made today, Baccarat chandeliers are especially prized, and the best examples date to the late-19th century when Baccarat combined its ‘crystal glass’ with gilt-bronze — or ‘ormolu’, as it is known — sculptural mounts.

Royal Rummy Today there are many online versions of rummy you can play for free or real money Royal Rummy is a game which is known under many different names. Depending on the region of the world where it's played, it may be known as Tripoli, Poch, Caliente, Michigan Rummy or Royal Rummy. A game of Royal Rummy always begins with the appointment of a banker. The banker will be the one responsible for distributing the chips that will be used for wagering. Chip denominations used should be 1, 5 and 10. After they get their chips, each player is required to place a chip on every square on the playing mat. The dealer is then assigned. This involves a special ritual too. Each player draws a card from the deck and the player with the highest card becomes the dealer. Make sure you decide before the draw whether the Ace will be counted high or low. It will be the privilege of the dealer to deal out all the hands involved. The interesting thing about this stage is that the dealer will hand out one hand more than the number of players. This will be a spare hand that may or may not be involved in the game eventually. After everyone takes a look at their hands, the dealer may choose to discard his initial hand and to pick up the spare one instead. If he doesn't want to use it, he can attempt to auction it out among the other players. The chips that he picks up this way will remain his. The dealer or the player who decides to use the spare hand may only take a look at it after he's discarded his initial hand. If the dealer doesn't want to use his hand and if there are no takers for it among the other players either, the hand will remain face down, not used. After the setting up of the game round is over, an optional phase begins. There are four aces in the four corners of the playing mat, on which players can opt to wager. The dealer is the one who kicks off the corner ace betting action. He may choose to bet on any of the corner aces, after which players can choose to cover that

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The gameplay is, generally, quicker, especially with virtual variants. You control when to deal, and

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Rummy has been one of the most intriguing games since days of yore, not simply in India and abroad.

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Rummy 500 a fascinating and addictive card game and perhaps the most popular of all Rummy games. Thi

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In Ludo, your goal is to get all four of your checker pieces around the board and back to your home

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Baccarat is confronted by Usop, Chopper and Brook and decides to take them on. First he touches nume