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Ludo King is a cross-platform game and also one of the most popular games in India that brings the classic board game experience to mobile phones. In the present scenario where people are practising social distancing by staying in their homes due to the current lockdown, the game has only gained more popularity as people are resorting to their smartphones more than ever as a way to stay connected with their friends and family. Also Read | When Is The Next Patch Day In 'Free Fire'? New Character & Ranking System Revealed How to play Ludo King For those who haven't played the game before, Ludo King is an easy to play a strategy board game which is largely automatic, with a player's only choice is to roll a dice and select a token to move forward. And once there is a token that you can move, the computer automatically does it for you.  And while the centrepiece of the digital version of the game is Ludo, the app also comes with a Snakes & Ladders game that can be played the same you did as a kid. Also Read | How To Get Eggs In Animal Crossing New Horizons And What To Do With Them? Ludo King - Game modes You can play Ludo King against your friends, challenge people on Facebook, and play online against players from all around the world. In addition, the game also works in offline mode. It comes with a Computer and a Play & Pass mode which lets you play the game locally by passing around your device. Ludo King allows up to six players to get in on a Ludo King game, which actually makes for some intense action. Ludo King also allows users to enable themes, exchange emojis and chat with other players during an ongoing game, which actually makes it much more fun and exciting. Also Read | How To Get Deadpool Skin In Fortnite And Why Are Deadpool Challenges Not Showing Up? Ludo King rules These are the basic rules to play Ludo King: It is played between 2 to 6 players, with every player having 4 tokens. The player who manages to get all of his four tokens home (reaches the cen

My Suggestion – If I say one thing, friends, if you know how to play this game, then play it because you can also lose money in this game. Because the game can be played if you have the knowledge to play it. If the app loses in this then you yourself are responsible.


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