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You've got a lot of choices to make during your Las Vegas trip between picking shows , restaurants to dine in, and the best nightlife in town. So, let us help you choose where to win the most money with the best table game odds between blackjack, craps, or baccarat. You’ve got one night on the Vegas strip and $100 in your pocket. So which game should you play? Which game will give you get the best run for your money? Answer is, it depends... Craps Odds If you’re looking for an hour of mindless gambling fun, head to the craps table. Ignore the shouting and the insider lingo and the complex side-bets. Just wait for a new roller to take the dice and then put $10 down on the “PASS LINE.” That’s all you have to remember: “PASS LINE.” If the roller gets a 7 or 11, you win. If she rolls a 2, 3, or 12, you lose. If she rolls a different number, the game goes on. Let’s say she shoots a 9. She now has to roll another 9 before she gets a 7. If she does, you win. If the 7 comes first, you lose. That’s pretty much it. And the odds are solid: The house edge is just 1.4 percent—meaning, for every dollar you bet, you’ll only lose about a penny on average. And if luck’s in your favor, and if you press your bet up as you win, you can make a fortune in no time. Ah, and if you want even better odds, then bet the “DON’T PASS” line. It’s pretty much the opposite of the PASS LINE and the casino odds are a measly 1.36 percent (That’s .04 percent better.). But remember... everybody else at the table is probably going to be playing the PASS line, so if you’re playing the DON’T PASS line and you win....everybody else loses. Plan to celebrate quietly. Well, unless you’re the type of person who wears Ohio State jerseys to University of Michigan home games... Blackjack Odds If you’re willing to put in a little work, blackjack offers the best odds. I’m talking about a .5 percent casino edge, depending on which table you’re sitting at. (Meaning for every dollar you gamble, you’ll lose only half a

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