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As the world stepped into the 21st century, a wide range of traditional games were transformed into new high-tech gambling activities by infusing the modern-day machinery and technology. While the industry is majorly dependent on the luck factor, there are certain games that require well-designed strategies. One of these games is Baccarat, a popular casino card game that dates back to the 19th Century France and symbolizes a game of guesses and wit. Baccarat is a comparing card game which is played between two hands- the player and the banker. There are three possible results for every round play. One in which the player has the highest score, one in which the banker has the highest score, and third is the tie. What makes the game different is the rule of ‘first deal and then bet.’ Once the dealer distributes the cards, the players can select multiple positions to stake. The biggest spread of baccarat tables is found in Macau casinos. About Baccarat Casino Game Baccarat Table The version of the Baccarat game decides the number of the player seats, which varies from 9 to 14, along with a dealer’s space as well. Irrespective of the number of players, only two hands of cards are played: the player and the banker. Each player has his own betting niche without their individual cards. Each participant gets three-bet boxes above their number on the top of the felt table. They relate to the three possible outcomes- player, banker, and tie. Card Dealing and Card Value After the bets are placed, four cards are kept on the table. The dealer pulls out a card and positions it in the Player box. The successive card is placed in the Banker box. The process is repeated until each box has two cards. Now, if the total points on either of the box on the first two cards placed are 8 or 9, then it is known as a natural win, and the game is declared to end. The bets are paid duly. However, if the total is not 8 or 9, the dealer can draw an additional card from one or more hands. The winn

The best part about Ludo 24 is the fact that all your tokens are open right from the start to the end which gives the players ample chances to use their skills and earn m ore points. I think Ludo 24 brings out the best of strategic gameplay in the game of Ludo.

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