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baccarat-game A JavaFX card game I created for my CS 342 software design class on October 2019 Note: java resource folder should contain 52 playing card jpgs on startup in order for game to properly play

Definition Rummy is a genre of card games based around matching cards to form sets, involving a perfect blend of strategy and chance. The goal of the classic Rummy is to build up a hand of sets and combinations, and deciding when to end the game, while also minimizing the chances of losing. The game and its complexity may seem complicated, but it is deceptively so. How to Play Rummy? Rummy is designed for 2 or more players, and only requires the standard Anglo-American 52-card deck. Despite the large variety of Rummy games, such as the popular Gin Rummy and Indian Rummy, all the way to the classic Rummy game of Mexican Conquian , the rules and ideas follow a similar template, and this guide will give an overall impression of how Rummy plays. Decks The deck used varies based on player count and deck-type. For example, the traditional Conquian uses the Spanish 40-card deck, with 2 decks used in the case of 4-players; on the other hand, Gin Rummy uses the standard52-card deck. Regardless, the different decks can be adapted, as traditional European decks have similar rulesets to the modern 52-card deck. To get the Spanish 40-card deck, the 8, 9 and 10 cards are removed from the standard 52-card deck. Dealing Much like other card games, the dealer is determined by card-splitting, and the selected player shuffles the deck. Each player is dealt cards based on the rules of the game. The remaining cards are then set aside, forming the draw pile or stock. If the Rummy game involves discarding to a discard pile, the top card of the stock is placed face-up, forming the discard pile. Melds The goal of Rummy games is to form a hand of melds, aiming to win by removing as many unmatched cards, sometimes known as deadwood, as possible. The allowed melds are sets and sequences. Sets consist of cards of the same rank or value, but from different suits. Sequences are straights, or consecutive cards from the same suit. Examples of the legal melds are shown below: A straight of 5 cards:

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