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Ludo Feature Graphic This is a mobile app based on the popular board game Ludo. Ludo is one of the most popular, fun, hilarious and family-friendly board game for two to four players. Ludo game is the best of all board games, to share some wonderful time with your loved ones. Ludo is a Latin word which meaning is ‘I play’. This game is derived from an Indian board game Pachisi, so it is also known as the Pachisi. Ludo is a simple and easy game to understand and play. The main objective of the Ludo game is to get all your tokens inside the home area. In the Ludo board, the home area is located in the middle of the board. Ludo game and its variations of rules are popular in many countries under the varieties of names. History of Ludo The Ludo game was introduced by the 6th century as the name of Pachisi in India. The Pachisi was modified to Ludo in 1896 in England. How To Play Ludo’s rules are pretty easy to understand and play. At the starting of the game, every player has four tokens/pawns in their yard. The main goal of the Ludo game is to get all four pawns from the yard to the center of the board. These pawns are moved according to the number get in dice rolling. The pawns are the move in the game’s tracks in the clockwise direction. Getting six on dice rolled gives an extra chance to roll the dice. Game Rules For four players there are four different colors. In the Ludo board starting circle, starting square, central home, and all the home column squares are colored to match the corresponding pawns/tokens. Usually, Ludo Gameplay there are four color options, each player chooses one of them. Then each player places their tokens in the corresponding starting circle. For all players, a single die is thrown to determine the movement of tokens. To determine the starting turn, every player throws the dice and the highest throw of the dice starts the game.At every throw, the player can decide which token to move. The token moves in the clockwise direction through to tr


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