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Ludo is no longer just a four-player game, thanks to Ludo King. The very-popular Ludo King has added two new modes to the mobile and desktop versions - Quick Ludo and Five to Six Player Ludo. According to Gametion Technologies, the guys behind Ludo King, these two were the most sought-after features on Ludo King as users wanted more ways to connect and play with more friends online. Ludo King players can also voice chat with each other while they play. Ludo King was one of the most popular games through the 2020 lockdown and crossed 500 million downloads worldwide back in December. Also Read: Can Ludo King thrive in a post-Covid world? The new additions to Ludo King were announced by Gametion Technologies via a press release. The Quick Ludo mode allows players to play quick games instead of the usual long matches. A regular game of Ludo goes on for anything between 15 mins and 40 minutes. With the Quick Ludo mode, you can play a game in five minutes. The five to six player mode allows up to six players to play at one time, instead of the traditional four. For so long, the six-player mode on Ludo King was available on offline multiplayer only. The new mode allows online multiplayers to play on this mode as well. Voice chat is also available on this mode.

Mysterious baccarat game can bring you prizes with luck help only. To attract this capricious lady, read the following tips to win baccarat online . Clearly, after reading this post you will play baccarat smart and more consciously. Awake to dive into the world of hazard and magic where destiny-make decisions wait for you. 1. Set Your Budget Never play with your “dear” money. Play with “excess” money only. Gambling is a past time, feast, excitement, entertainment. It is like buying an ice cream… but this time you can spend all your months budget with too hazardous game play. Be smart and have a great time winning or losing some cash, but nothing more. No tragedies. 2. Best Strategy Actually, there is no winning strategy to play baccarat. Of course, you can play using various betting systems and even make some profits. However, nothing works perfectly in this world of hazard and great wins. Ups and downs wait for you. You have three choices only – Banker, Player or Tie . Some players suppose that Banker is the best bet if compare the house edge. Anyway, everything is in Luck’s hands. So, rely on its mercy and play with joy. 3. Banker Bet The best thing about online baccarat is that this is the most advantageous casino game for players . With relatively low house edge if you choose the Banker bet, this game of royals can become a real treat for you. Play with an 8% deck shoe to feel the house edge of 1% that is quite pleasant. 4. Player Bet Place your money on the Player bet to experience another advantage of baccarat. It is the next most interesting bet for you. The house edge in this case will be about 1.24% that is also quite good. 5. Tie Bet Avoid it. The Tie bet has the worst odds ever . Of course, you may be attracted with the payout 9:1. However, the house edge in this case is about 6%. Don’t forget that you can win or lose. Moreover, you want to play on the long run, so why risk everything or the largest part of your budget to feel pure excitement? Not for win

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