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The Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy was developed by Ri Chang a Chinese born mathematician and statistics genius. Ri Chang combined his huge experience and knowledge of statistics and gambling with hours of research to perfect his strategies. Mr. Chang has created many different and highly successful gambling strategies. His advanced techniques can be used for games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. His work can ONLY be purchased here, EXCLUSIVELY on DaddyFatStacks.com .

Rummy is a popular card game played with sets of playing cards. It is one of the most popular games under the category of draw and discard games. Indian rummy game has been declared as a game of skill. The basic objective in every rummy game is to improve your hand by dealing sets of cards and forming a particular sequence of set adhering to rules of the games. Indian rummy game is usually played between two to six players where each player has to draw and discard one card until the 13 cards from a sequence in sets. Rummy rules are simple. Indian rummy game is played with two pack of cards with two jokers. Cards in each category rank from Ace to King. You can use Ace as 1 or when forming the sets. Card values are as follows: Face cards, (K, Q, J) – 10 points, Ace- 10 points. With the advancement in technology, Indian rummy game can now be played for free online. Rummy game online is legal in India. In each turn, a player draws either the card (face-up) from the open deck or the card from the closed deck, and discards a card from his/her hand in to the open deck, or shows his hand by closing the card and showing the rest of the 13 cards in sets that are in accordance with the rules of the game. You can choose to drop a particular game if you think that the dealt cards to you are not good. But, you can do it only on your turn before drawing a card. The Joker card is allowed to be used in place of any cards when forming a set. However, the player has to ensure that he has a sequence without a Joker card to be eligible to use the Joker. You win a game when you call for a SHOW. If there are 13 cards which can be displayed in particular sets and are in accordance with the rules of the game, the player can then call for a SHOW. To SHOW, a player must have 14 cards of which he chooses to close one card before calling for a SHOW. After the SHOW, the player should combine the 13 cards into sets and put it before the rest of the playing group for validation. There are many onl

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