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The ludo is super easy, popular and very exciting game. The rules of playing ludo are as simple as abc! Unlike other sports, the rules how to play ludo are very simple. There are thoroughly defined steps or rules for; king rules, tournaments, rules, double goti, sixes, pachisi etc. Like all other sports rules, as you read here, we welcome you to the Ludo Rules with a definitive Guide how to win Ludo Every time! Ludo Game | Rules of Ludo Starting, Killing, Fouls & Penalties ] Expert Guide Contents 1 Ludo Game | Rules of Ludo Starting, Killing, Fouls & Penalties ] Expert Guide 1.1 Objectives of Playing Ludo 2 Equipment Needed to Play Ludo 2.1 1). A Ludo Board 2.2 2). Coins or Tokens in Ludo 2.3 3). Die or Dice of Ludo 3 Ludo Rules | Rules How to Play Ludo Game 4 Rule #1. Rules for Starting the Ludo Game 5 Rule #2. Rules for Die & its Number in Ludo 6 Rule #3. Rules for Killing or Capturing the Coins in Ludo 7 Rule #4. Rules for Cooperation between Teammates in Doubles 8 Rule #5. Rules of Fouls & Penalties in Ludo 9 Commonly Asked Questions 9.1 Conclusion Ludo is a popular board game like carrom , chess, Backgammon, etc. It is played as singles or doubles or even by 3 players. It needs a small paper or wooden board, 16 coins of 4 different colors (4 green, 4 blue, 4 red and 4 yellow) and one small cube-like die. As per the rules of Ludo, the players/teams have to advance their coins or counters by turn-wise rolling the six-sided die/dice on the board.The pace of each coin is determined by the number of dots one gets after rolling the die. Moreover, the movement of each coin is directed towards the respective pocket or home from where it embarks on its journey. However, its circumnavigation towards its destination is fraught with ups and downs, advancement and repatriation—that result after its being captured or killed by opponent’s coin. This process of rolling the die and subsequent movement of the coins continue until a player or team manages to propel all the coins

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! Is It Possible That Casino Houses Are Cheating at Baccarat Games? You must have heard about the game baccarat if you are a casino player. Among all the games such as Blackjack, roulette, and slot machines, Blackjack is the game that provides a minor edge to casino houses. However, some casinos are also involved in cheating with baccarat. A variety of practices are used by casino houses to have the advantage over this game and earn money today. Today we will tell you everything about the most asked question Do Casinos Cheat at Baccarat? Stay with us to know the details of it. Know About the Cheating at Baccarat Do you also find casino cheating interesting or get confused over it? If yes! You will be very interested in knowing the facts used by the casino house. There are some specific techniques and methods which are being followed by any casino house for cheating. Most of the time, we hear or read the headlines about cheating in big games like Blackjack and roulette, but in games like Baccarat also cheating is done. Let us know the techniques used for cheating in Baccarat. Do Casino Cheat at Baccarat Different Ways of Cheating There are numerous ways of cheating in every casino. Some of the widely used methods for cheating in baccarat are as follows: A) Do Casino’s Cheat at Baccarat: False shuffling the Most used Method This is an ancient technique of cheating. In this, cards are arranged in a specific order. Richard Marcus, who is a dealer, introduced a false ceiling in the gambling world. Let us Know in Detail How False Shuffling is Done? The group of cards is present in a specific order. Then they are put into a tray. The dealer shuffles the card faster when the six or four-deck shoe has been dealt. When you notice, you will not find any false shuffling done. But actually, in a manner to show fast shuffling, the dealer keeps the order the same. When you think they didn’t know your


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