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The operation of teen patti game is very simple. We can play Teen Patti Game for free on phone.  It is a strategic game play that is enabled with online multiplayer games. The game is 2G compatible and this leads to its faster speed on slow connections as well. Thus you can play teen patti online with friends, family and card game friends around the world. Just one click on teen patti game app and your mood changing game will be ready. Here you go with the rules of teen patti game: Playing Teen Patti Game Each player contributes the boot money and gets three cards facedown. Now it is the turn of the player next to the dealer in clockwise direction. The user has option to place a bet without seeing the cards (blind) or see the card. He/She can play chaal after the user sees his card, or may have other options depending upon the progress of the games. A player who places a blind bet is referred to as the blind user. A  Seen player is somebody who places his bet after seeing the cards. Seen Player A seen player can Pack or play Chaal, or may have other options.  Show and side show are the other options that may be available to the seen users. Once you have seen your cards, to remain in the games, you must play chaal unless you select any other available option. (a) Chaal To remain in the games, a seen player must play Chaal or Side Show if available. For chaal the user must put the bet amount in the bot. (b) Side Show A seen player can ask for a Side Show. Side Show means that you wish to compare your cards with the cards of the previous user. You can do this only if the previous user is also a seen and there are one or more other players still in the games. The previous user has option to accept or decline your Side Show request. You must pack if your side show request is accepted and the previous user has better cards than you. The previous player must pack if your cards are better than the previous user. After one of you have packed, the turn passes on to the next u

Baccarat is a popular casino game because it has a low house edge and is easy to play. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to learn. Baccarat’s scoring system is different than what blackjack players are used to. And it doesn’t rely on traditional poker hand rankings either. I don’t advise that you immediately hit the land-based baccarat tables because the rules are confusing. That being said, let’s discuss the easiest way to learn how to play baccarat . Later, we’ll also cover rules, basic strategy, and side bets. The first section has a list of books that help you learn how to play baccarat and the second section has software recommendations. Baccarat Books 1. Baccarat Battle Book The Baccarat Battle Book was written by Frank Scoblete and published in 1999. Scoblete’s book is focused on teaching you the odds of baccarat, getting the most out of your play time, and getting the lowest house edge. This book is aimed specifically at beginner baccarat players and includes basic information about card counting. 2. Baccarat for The Clueless Baccarat for The Clueless was written by John May and published in 2000. May covers several aspects of the game including the historical and social side of the game. His book also covers basic rules, an easy to understand counting system, methods to improve odds, rules for baccarat banque, and more. 3. How to Win Big at Baccarat How to Win Big at Baccarat was written by John C. Steele and published in 2012. Steele’s book starts by teaching you the basics of the game, looking at each individual hand, and then continues by teaching you how each hand relates to the house edge. This book also includes a betting strategy, card counting techniques, and more. 4. So You Wanna Be a Gambler: Baccarat So You Wanna Be a Gambler was written by John Patrick and published in 1985. Patrick claims to explain the rules so simply that a 7-year old child could understand them. He also covers the following: Managing your bankroll Ways to bet

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three-card brag Teen Patti originated in the Indian subcontinent and has been around for centuries.

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