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Élia Beach Club Welcome to Las Vegas’ Newest Daylife Destination Élia (pronounced ee-LYE-uh) officially opened it’s doors on June 2021, in conjunction with the continued unveiling of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. The Mykonos-inspired decor and ambiance will not only impress guests but transport them to an international paradise. With travelers continuously journeying to Tulum (Mexico) and Miami (Florida) since the onset of the pandemic, and on the heels of the widespread popularity of tourism to Mykonos over the last five years, it was evident the decor and musical programming of these global destinations are what party-goers want to hear, see and experience. With this in mind, the team set out to create the ultimate getaway destination, paired with the internationally coveted brand of Virgin Hotels as its Las Vegas backdrop — and so Élia Beach Club was born. With a musical focus on all genres of house music, a relaxed yet energetic dance vibe inspired by international beach destinations creates a rhythmic, transformational experience for guests, different from any other Vegas pool and nightlife offering. EVENT CALENDAR

Here's how it works ... the backs of baccarat cards have patterns on them that are SUPPOSED to be perfectly symmetrical, but they're not. The Borgata casino claims Ivey brought a female guest to the table who was a master at identifying the value of a card based on the pattern and she would tip him off so he could adjust his betting accordingly.

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